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Backup and Recovery


The primary datastore is the database of HAPI FHIR Server. This means that while an ES cluster should be backed-up, the ES index can be rebuilt from HAPI.

  • Either Postgres or MySQL are recommended to be used with HAPI FHIR Server. In production, database should be cloned or replicas created and cloned and those backups tested.

  • Depending on the database, there are separate processes to backup data itself in a database and information about users, groups and other metadata.

  • It is recommended to create a backup and recovery policy (data and metadata, timeframes, full-versus-incremental, from replicas or not).

Recovery Policy

  • Backups should be tested in a non-production system for their ability to be used for recovery. There are existing online resources on how to test backups.

  • A backup policy should include scheduled recovery tests to ensure that backups are suitable.