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Local Installation

Time to complete

60 Minutes


This guide is for demonstrations or tests only, not for production environments.


This installation method requires familiarity with the command line.


  • CPU/RAM: Modern CPUs with 8GB RAM.
  • Java version 8 (1.8). Oracle-licensed Java (requires sign-in) and AdoptOpenJDK (not sign-in required) have been tested.
  • Node 10 which includes npm.
  • git


For non-production environments, the HAPI maintainers provide a simple CLI-based tool to run it.

The only required dependency is Java >= 8 (1.8).

See HAPI FHIR CLI for instructions for the OS of choice.

The Client Registry requires FHIR version R4 and HAPI must be started for this version. To run HAPI:

hapi-fhir-cli run-server -v r4

The HAPI Web Testing UI is available at http://localhost:8080/ The Web Testing UI should be disabled for production. It allows the viewing of any resource on the server.

The FHIR Base URL is at http://localhost:8080/baseR4/

Visit http://localhost:8080/ to ensure HAPI is up and running or

curl -X GET "localhost:8080/baseR4/Patient?"


Install and start ES for the intended OS. See the ES install instructions

The required version is >=7.6.

The phonetic analysis package must be installed. For example:

/usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch-plugin install analysis-phonetic

The string similarity plugin must be installed. See:

Once installed and started, ensure that ES is up and running:

curl -X GET "localhost:9200/_cat/health?v&pretty"

Status should be yellow for a single-node cluster.

OpenCR Service and UI

Clone the repository into a directory of choice.

git clone

Enter the server directory, install node packages.

cd client-registry/server
npm install

Copy and edit the configuration file to your liking.

cp config/config_development_template.json config/config_development.json
# edit the servers...

The minimum changes to start a running standalone system are:

  • Change fhirServer.baseURL to "http://localhost:8080/baseR4/"

Run the server from inside client-registry/server:

# from client-registry/server
sudo NODE_ENV=development node lib/app.js

OpenCR may require access to /var/log for logging. This requirement may be changed in the future.

Congratulations! Now it's time to run a query.

Last update: May 25, 2022