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Load Demo Data (JavaScript)

Demonstration data is provided in the /tests directory in the code repository.

Install the Node Packages

cd tests
npm install

Configure the Script

The /tests/uploadCSV.js script is used to upload the CSV data in the /tests directory.

If using OpenHIM, then change the auth options and the IP address/hostname in /tests/uploadCSV

# make a copy to modify
cp uploadCSV.js uploadCSV_mychanges.js

The defaults are:

const options = {
url: 'http://localhost:5001/Patient',
json: entry.resource,

Edit uploadCSV_mychanges.js. If not running OpenHIM then change: * remove auth and change it to agentOptions * Change the IP address/hostname as required, for example for Docker: 'https://localhost:3000/Patient'.

After the edits, the code block looks like this:

const options = {
url: 'https://localhost:3000/Patient',
json: entry.resource,

Notice the https as without OpenHIM the OpenCR Service encrypts the connections using TLS instead of OpenHIM doing so.

Running the Script

While in the /tests directory, ensure that OpenCR is running and run the script, with the required argument of the CSV:

sudo node uploadCSV_mychanges.js uganda_data_v21_20201501.csv


The script may take several hours to process all of the records.