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Facility Registry

What is the Facility Registry?

The Facility Registry Module is a central repository of information on all the facilities and healthcare services information in a particular jurisdiction e.g.(country,region etc.)

The various features on this module include:

  • Adding/ Registering new facilities, organizations, services, jurisdictions
  • Updating existing facilities, organizations, services, jurisdictions facility details
  • Approving requests to add new facility and update facility details


Jurisdictions in GOFR refer to geographical locations.

Level 1 jurisdictions refer to highest geographical definition e.g. If a country is divided into regions, the regions divided into provinces, and provinces into districts, then in this country, the level 1 jurisdiction is the region, province is level 2 and district is level 3 jurisdiction.

Add Jurisdiction

Search Jurisdiction

This feature allows users to search for a jurisdiction by name, type and parent. Alt text


This feature allows users to add new facilities in the system

Add Facility

This feature allows users to view various facilities and search for facilities using the name, type and physical type filters.

Alt text


Add Service

Alt text

Alt text

Alt text

Alt text

Search Service

Alt text


Add Organization

This feature allows users to add an organization to the system.

Alt text

Search Organization

Alt text


Add Request

Alt text

Alt text

Search Facility Update Request

Alt text

Search Add Facility Request

Alt text

Last update: September 26, 2023